Hitter’s House commitment to quality products and services drives all of our decision making.  The ClearSteps App’s support for high performing teams is a natural fit for us.”

The first of its kind, Hitter’s House is a professionally-inspired experiential retail facility built around the two hottest brands in major league baseball: Marucci and Victus.  The retail space is designed to feature all the cutting edge products developed for the top players in the game.  The connected, indoor hitting facility allows baseball and softball players of all ages the opportunity to experience the product, work on their swing and sharpen their skills no matter the season.

As Hitter’s House leadership looked to expand into Los Angeles, they turned to ClearSteps for help. They wanted to ensure consistent performance across it’s split shift operations. Additionally, confidence that the facility operate safely and efficiently were top priorities.

ClearSteps helps Hitter’s House team members function as an elite unit.  Team members are always prepared to perform at their best. Everyone knows what do, how to do it and when to get it done.

As they explain it, Hitter’s House is about helping it’s customers get the most out of the game they love. For this to happen, all operations need to function efficiently.  ClearSteps enables their team to get the details right which reduces the stress and enhances the enjoyment.

ClearSteps work stories make documenting processes simple. Our entire team has access to dynamic “how to” guides.”  

ClearSteps provides simple yet powerful tools to prepare and engage team members to perform at peak levels. Asked what she loved about the app, Erin Austin said, “ClearSteps work stories make documenting processes so simple. Our entire team has access to these dynamic “how to” guides.  The photos and videos make learning a snap. Plus, everyone can contribute to improving guides every day.”

Work stories are just the start of how ClearSteps benefits teams.  Enhancing employee engagement is a hallmark of world class organizations and ClearSteps makes it easy.

We are excited to be a part of the Hitter’s House journey as they grow, innovate and celebrate their successes. Batter up!

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