ClearSteps Launches Free App to Enhance Business Performance

Software solution offers less ‘chit-chat’ and more ‘did that’

ClearSteps, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of a free version of the ClearSteps Team Performance Management System. Businesses can now implement the new service level for up to 15 users at no charge. The program, built on the ClearSteps cloud platform, focuses on rapid and effective execution of business priorities. The program offers help to any small business looking to enhance performance and scale for growth.

Free 15 User Offering

The new ClearSteps Cloud service level provides a simple, mobile interface to assign, remind and review activities that support business goals. With the powerful mobile app, opportunities for growth are turned into action faster.

Get More Done with ‘Closed Loop’ Tasks

Business owners identify multiple opportunities to improve their business each day. Oftentimes, these opportunities are often not acted upon is because there is no uniform solution to reliably assign these tasks to the right person in the organization. Additionally, when these tasks do get assigned, they are often communicated informally (verbal/text/ email). These type of assignments offer no formal follow up and create an ‘open loop’. “Open loop” assignments are frequently lost or abandoned.

ClearSteps solves this problem by effectively assigning, reminding and monitoring the status of every task – thus, making it easy to “close the loop”. Close looped systems are more effective in getting tasks done. In today’s hyper competitive business environment, great execution separates leading organizations from the pack. ClearSteps provides the execution edge.

According to Co-Founder and SaaS industry veteran Matthew Smith, “There are many business solutions in the marketplace for teams today, but ClearSteps is unique in its focus on simply getting work done. We like to say that ClearSteps is less ’chit-chat’ and more ‘did that.’“

More Valuable Benefits of ClearSteps

In addition to the core focus on strategic execution, the new service level offers more ways to help owners grow their businesses’. These benefits include:

  • At-a-glance status updates
  • Group Assignments
  • Unlimited How To Guides

More information about the program and the ability to sign up for free today is located here: