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ClearSteps Launches Free App to Enhance Business Performance

Software solution offers less ‘chit-chat’ and more ‘did that’ ClearSteps, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of a free version of the ClearSteps Team Performance Management System. Businesses can now implement the new service level for up to 15 users at no charge. The program, built on the ClearSteps cloud platform, focuses on rapid […]

Setting Up ClearSteps

Ready to run a world class team with ClearSteps? Here are three ways to get started: Get ClearSteps now for 15 users for free. To start assigning “closed loop” tasks right now? Follow these DIY steps. Download the ClearSteps App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Follow the instructions for Creating […]

The Simple Idea Behind ClearSteps

High achievers dedicate significant time and energy optimizing their daily activities. They use time management strategies, create daily routines, keep personal checklists and more. Top achievers are constantly on the look out for ways to improve their lives. In the US, over $549 million worth of self help books are sold each year. However, these […]

The History of ClearSteps

My name is Matthew Smith, co-founder of ClearSteps, and on behalf of our entire team I welcome you. We are motivated to make a difference in the world.  Our world is facing many challenges both small and large. We believe software is a powerful way to solution to many of these challenges. The problem we […]

The Not So Hidden Costs of Mistakes

There is very little more frustrating than spending time correcting mistakes. Re-dos basically doubles the amount of time it takes to complete a task. But more importantly, double work brings your organization’s ability to move forward to a stand still. But, are mistakes really that big a problem? Probably bigger than you think. According to experts […]

How Top Performers Stay on Top

Becoming a top performer is never easy, but just as difficult, if not more so, is staying on top. The path to getting there and staying there share one common discipline. But first, what makes a top performer in the first place? One of my favorite sayings about performance is that good players practice until they […]

The Secret to a Fully Engaged Team

Before we can learn this secret, we have to understand what a fully Engaged Team actually is. According to Wikipedia, an “engaged employee” is defined as one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and so takes positive action to further the organization’s reputation and interests. So, that definition is pretty straightforward […]