The Not So Hidden Costs of Mistakes

Eliminate mistakes

Eliminate the cost of double work.

There is very little more frustrating than spending time correcting mistakes. Re-dos basically doubles the amount of time it takes to complete a task. But more importantly, double work brings your organization’s ability to move forward to a stand still.

But, are mistakes really that big a problem?

Probably bigger than you think. According to experts who study this sort of thing, human error rates are typically around 20-30 mistakes per 100 opportunites. When quality assurance systems are put into place, really good performers get to under 10 errors per 100. Simple math tells us this adds up to lots of mistakes over weeks and months.

Sure mistakes happen but is it that big a deal? The short answer is yes. it is a huge deal. Some estimates put the cost of mistakes in the US alone at 37 billion dollars per year. Of those $17 billion are in the healthcare sector alone. Obviously, mistakes have a major effect on performance.

So, what can be done to reduce or even eliminate mistakes.

simple checklist for ensuring best practices are followed

Checklist View in ClearSteps

The answer is so simple that it belies its real power of the solution – the checklist.

Checklists have been widely used for over 70 years in the airline industry and the results are so astounding they are taken for granted.

There is a 1 in 1.43 million chance of a crash of any flight and this rate continues to decline. Obviously, there are number of factors that contribute to this safety record, but the bottom line is that if you want something done right, use a checklist.

If are looking for an efficient way to incorporate checklists throughout your organization, ClearSteps offers a great solution.

So, how does ClearSteps help teams execute?

At the most basic level ClearSteps helps with Must Do lists.

At ClearSteps we believe it essential to identify key tasks that must always be done correctly.

An example would be reviewing schedule changes or cancellations at the very beginning of the day. By ensuring all changes are accounted for as soon as possible, schedules can be modified so no time is wasted.

Preventing upstream mistakes is one of the best ways to enhance team performance.

If you are a leader who aspires to greatness, we enourage you to learn more about how ClearSteps makes big things happen.

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