How Top Performers Stay on Top

Becoming a top performer is never easy, but just as difficult, if not more so, is staying on top. The path to getting there and staying there share one common discipline.

But first, what makes a top performer in the first place?

One of my favorite sayings about performance is that good players practice until they get it right, while great players practice until they never get it wrong.

The bottom line is that top performers are always improving. They embrace the journey. It’s good to celebrate accomplishments, but the best never stop the process of getting better and better.

So, how do top performers maintain consistent performance?

Top Performer Preparation

Next Day Prep in ClearSteps

The best do so by investing time and energy into preparation. A simple example of preparation is reviewing and confirming your calendar nightly to plan your day. Every member of your team can improve performance through better preparation.

The very best performers make preparedness a habit. They take time to invest in preparation as a part of their regular daily activities.  Budgeting the time and maintaining the focus on being prepared separates the good from the great.

If you want to guarantee your team is prepared and also build the habit of regular preparation, implementing ClearSteps is a great option.

So how does ClearSteps support prepared teams?

ClearSteps helps with the concept of Prep Lists

At ClearSteps we believe in “10 minutes of prep”. This idea calls on leaders to budget a minimum of 10 minutes a day for each team member to work on preparation. Each team member creates their own Prep List to be sure they start the next day ready to go.

You will be astounded at how much performance improves by dedicating your team to 10 minutes of daily prep.

If you are a leader who aspires to greatness, we enourage you to learn more about how ClearSteps makes big things happen.

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